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New Cars | 11 10 2013
2008, The New Urban SUV Set to Attract Global Customers

The 2008 reinvents the standards of large volume vehicles in the small car segment. Innovative from first glance, it successfully merges the worlds.

peugeot 2008 suv


- Three efficient engine choices: 1.2-litre petrol, 1.6-litre petrol or 1.6-litre diesel
- Three trim levels --- Active, Allure and Outdoor
- Two engine choices that use less than 5L/100km on the combined cycle
- Rear camera standard on all 2008 models
- 7-inch multi-function touch screen standard on all 2008 models
- Grip control function standard on Outdoor


The 2008 reinvents the standards of large volume vehicles in the small car segment. Innovative from first glance, it successfully merges the worlds. The strong stylistic trend affirms its identity contributing to practicality, volume and driving experience.

The front face adopts the stylistic codes of the marque. Finely sculpted, the bonnet demonstrates the protection, strength and lightness of the 2008. The floating grille is cut from a block and is set upright with an expression which is both refined and full of power.

The innovative headlamps are designed precisely to the technical functions. Sharp, they act with the bodywork to outline a cat's pupil. Sculpted, they are one with the front face, giving it an even more expressive, technological and individual character. This look is emphasised by LED day running lamps.

The roof features dynamic curves, inspired by the RCZ.


With the international success of the 3008, Peugeot acquired extensive expertise in the SUV segment which it has decided to combine with its driving experience expertise. The 2008 has benchmark handling in the segment- being the first SUV with the genuine driving characteristics of a hatchback.

The suspension and wheels have been adjusted precisely to take advantage of the limited weight.

The fine-tuned pseudo-McPherson front axle and rear suspension (with deformable cross member) has specially calibrated springs and dampers.

The 2008 achieves an excellent combination of comfort, stability and dynamism. The driver can therefore take pleasure in reactive driving while guaranteeing the comfort of the passengers.


This patented system designed by the PSA Group optimises traction in conditions of poor grip. Those models with Grip Control feature an advanced traction system and special ‘Mud&Snow’; tyres, fitted on wheel rims of distinctive style combining a diamond cut finish and a matt finish.

Using the dial located on the centre console, the driver can decide at any time to select between five modes: Standard, Snow, Off-Road, Sand and ESP Off. Grip Control is available exclusively on the 2008 Outdoor.


The instruments and controls have been developed to achieve optimal driver comfort. The small steering wheel is the symbol of this; it illustrates the ease of taking control of the 2008 and the driving precision.

The high set instrument panel reduces the time needed to obtain information. The large 7-inch touch screen minimises commands for control of the audio/navigation.

All versions of the 2008 are fitted with an ESP system standard which is disconnectable up to 50km/h. This system combines several functions: anti-lock braking system (ABS), stability control, emergency braking assistance (EBA) and electronic brake force distribution (EBFD).

The system acts on four brake discs regardless of the version chosen. However, they are adapted to the different engines for improved characteristics (performance and durability).

The front ventilated discs are of two different sizes: 266 x 22mm and 283 x 26mm for the most powerful versions. At the rear, the range is equipped with non-ventilated discs of 249 x 9mm.

The structure of the 2008 is designed for optimum deformation in the event of an impact. In this case it diffuses the energy in the force channels which guarantee the integrity of the passenger compartment.

The occupants are protected by a set of six airbags --- two front, two side, two curtain. The side air bags are installed in the front seat backs..

The active footrest and the collapsible steering column contribute to the protection of the driver, while the connection between the front doors and the centre pillar is guaranteed by a retention pin.


With its wheelbase of 2.54 m, the 2008 offers interior characteristics of a high level.

The rear passengers have a generous amount of space, thanks to the thinner front seat backs.

The front part of the load cover space in the boot pivots allowing rear seat passengers to access the boot without leaving their seat when the vehicle is moving.

From the outside, access to the large boot is just as easy with a large rectangular opening and a low loading sill, just 60 cm high, trimmed with a brushed stainless steel protector.

The 1/3-2/3 modular bench seat allows you to change the volume from 410 to more than 1400 litres with a single gesture. One press on the control at the top of the rear seat back is all it takes to fold the seat back as the seat cushion retracts automatically.

To make handling objects easier, the floor has five rails which run from the sill to the front seats. Six chromed hooks allow them to be secured safely. Practical down to the smallest detail, the boot offers two storage areas on the sides, with a retaining strap and storage net, and an additional space of 22-litres under the boot mat.

There are numerous storage compartments including front door trays, glove box, console closed storage compartment (Allure and Outdoor) and pockets on the front seat backs.


Taking advantage of the light-weight design, aerodynamic silhouette and the wide range of engines makes it possible to have low fuel consumption and low emissions from just 4.0L/100km (combined cycle) and CO2 from 103g/km.

The expertise and technological innovation of the Group - Diesel e-HDi engines, new generation 3-cylinder petrol engines --- position the 2008 as the leader in its segment by successfully combining protection of the environment and driving pleasure.

New generation 3-cylinder petrol engines

Designed entirely by the Group, the new generation of 3-cylinder petrol engines has already proved its efficiency in terms of consumption and emissions of CO2. But it is also compact and light with, for the 1.2 VTi.

To achieve this result, the engine designers used the very best technology. So, for a 30% reduction in losses due to friction, which represent approximately 1/5th of the power consumed by an engine, this family of engines uses:

- a Diamond Like Carbon coating on the gudgeon pins, piston rings and tappets,
- pistons with liner offset by 6.9mm,
- an oil-bathe

With the same aim, the thermo-management allows the optimum operating temperature to be reached more quickly thanks to the Split Cooling. On starting, with the engine cold, the coolant only circulates in the cylinder head to heat it on contact with the exhaust. Then, once the ideal temperature has been reached, the cooling system opens in the direction of the radiator and engine base.

Combustion has been optimised by improving the aerodynamics of the chamber (inlet ducts, piston tops) and by adapting the ignition to operation with a high rate of residual gas (IGR). The aluminium alloy cylinder head has four valves per cylinder, multipoint indirect injection, continuously variable timing at the inlet and at the exhaust (VTT).

Stop&Start: e-HDi Diesel

This technology was introduced successfully by the e-HDi engines on the 508 and 308.

When fitted on the Diesel engines the e-HDi technology reduces consumption and increases the comfort of use.

2008 petrol range:

- 1.2 VTi 60kW/118Nm, 5-speed manual
- 1.6 VTi 88kW/160Nm, 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic

2008 diesel range:

- 1.6 e-HDi 68kW/230Nm, 5-speed manual


Peugeot Automobiles Australia is pleased to announce the launch of a 5 Year "Assured Capped Price Servicing Plan". This plan is being launched with the 2008 and will only cost the customer $369 a year over the five years.

The 5 Years Assured Capped Price Servicing Plan covers the vehicle’s first five (5) years of servicing, or the first 75,000km, whichever occurs first.

Under the 5 Years Assured Capped Price Servicing Plan the service schedule will be 12 months/15,000kms (whichever occurs first); therefore the Intermediate Check is no longer performed.

The first five (5) scheduled services:

- 12 months/15,000km
- 24 months/30,000km
- 36 months/45,000km
- 48 months/60,000km
- 60 months/75,000km


Eight exterior colours are available on the 2008 range:

- Bianca white
- Artense Grey
- Platinum Grey
- Spirit Grey
- Perla Nera Black
- Makaha Brown
- Calado Blue
- Pearl White



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