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Motorsport | 16 10 2014
Carlos Sainz at the wheel of the Peugeot RCZ R

The Spanish driver tests the Peugeot RCZ R in closed roads and explains his impressions after driving the most radical sports car in the brand’s history

peugeot rcz r | carlos sainz

What will happen when the best Spanish driver meets the most radical model in Peugeot’s range?

This question is still answered. Carlos Sainz had tested the brand’s sports car during his daily journeys but, also in the most hard road conditions. A challenging road in the Sierra de Madrid and a very uncomfortable weather conditions defined the test, passed with excellent results. The test was done on closed roads and with all the security warranties.

“If I had to qualify this model and highlight some of its features, I would say: 100% sporty DNA, daily usability, efficient and with brilliant performances”. This was Sainz’s first impression about the car.

The sporty approach is also made by the specific design details of this Peugeot Sport developed version. “It’s clearly visible that Peugeot Sport is the responsible of the project: when you sit in the car, you realise that everything is conceived, done and taken to the extreme by people who are in daily contact with motorsport. The performance on winding roads are fantastic; it’s a very fun car to drive”.

The set-up of the car and, essentially, the ones used in the engine, the Torsen differential and the chassis, is performance radically oriented but without forget the daily usability of the car. Carlos Sainz insists on it: “the engine enables you to drive the car perfectly in a pleasant way because it’s smooth and has a low consumption figures”. The Spaniard words are confirmed by the car’s emission figure of only 145 g/km of CO2. But “when you need all the engine capabilities, it pushes firmly and without problems”, Sainz reveals. “The turbo engine has a fantastic response and the gearbox and the frontal axel provides also a very good feeling”.

The car figures prove this duality. The Peugeot RCZ R has a maximum power of 199 kW (270 HP) at 6.000 rpm and a maximum torque of 330 Nm between 1.900 and 5.500 rpm. It’s a very flexible engine: gentle at low speeds and powerful beyond 4.500 rpm and until it reach the end of the rev-counter.

Good sensations at the RCZ R wheel are completed with “the brakes feeling, the low gearbox travel and appropriate gear ratios. This is a car in which every detail has been considered and this is the reason why it’s such a surprising car: it would be very difficult to find another car with the same features”.

This sportiness is also notorious in the cabin. As the Peugeot Dakar driver explains, “once in the cockpit, firmly seated in an enveloping seat, you feel instantly right.”

Sainz opinion should be heard as the Spaniard is the best driver in Spain motorsport history. In his opinion, the RCZ R “is a car that would be able to be used in the most challenging rally special stages. As it is, some years ago, it would be the car I’ve dreamed. It shows clearly the car technology evolution in the last years”.

Finally, as an example of the cars convenience, Carlos Sainz has chosen the Peugeot RCZ R as the car he will use in his daily journeys. The Spanish rally driver will be one of the men that will better know all the RCZ R features.

Carlos Sainz: Two times World Rally Champion; Rally Dakar winner; Cross Country Rally World Champion;Driver at Peugeot-Total Team for the next 2015 Dakar Rally.

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