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New Cars | 14 01 2013
New Look, Improved Safety and Better Connectivity for Partner and Expert Vans
As part of a new model year Peugeot has updated its commercial vehicles range.
peugeot work vans

Both the Partner and Expert vans have a new face and both boast extra performance.

The Partner van short body (L1) manual petrol model has had a reduction of $400 and gain more than $1500 worth of extra specification. The Long body (L2) model has had a price increase of $600 but gains an additional $1300 of extra equipment.

Partner vans are available with either a 1.6-litre (72kW) four cylinder petrol engine or a 1.6-litre (68kW) diesel engine. Both engines have had power upgrades. Power from the petrol engine is up from 66kW to 72kW while the diesel engine’s power output has risen from 66kW to 68kW.

Additional specification on the L1 models includes a new designed front grille, more powerful engine, Bluetooth connectivity, USB plug and play, passenger airbag, daytime running lights and left sliding door. The L2 models gains the same equipment except the left sliding door which is already standard.

Along with the Partner, Peugeot’s Expert van has also been upgraded. The new van comes in two models only with a larger engine and more equipment. The long wheelbase manual has had an increase of $3,000, but gains $4100 worth of extra equipment.

For the first time, the Expert van is now available with the option of a six-speed automatic gearbox for $2,000.

Extra equipment on the Expert models includes a new front grille, colour coded bumpers, larger engine (from 88kW to 120kW), electronic stability control, Bluetooth with USB plug and play and cruise control.

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