Quality, Durability and Reliability

peugeot quality, durability and reliability

An ongoing commitment

Peugeot has always been renowned for producing quality premium European cars that are durable and reliable.

Peugeot famously became a household name in Australia off the back of these very qualities by winning the inaugural Redex Round Australia Trial in 1953. Defying all odds, Peugeot conquered the harsh Australian conditions in the small 203 – it was thought only a large car could successfully complete, let alone win, this event. Thus Peugeot won the hearts and minds of the Australian public.

Peugeot is committed to continual improvement in the quality of our cars. We harness technology to improve our manufacturing processes and employ rigorous testing methods to ensure our cars live up to this promise.

Enhanced Manufacturing Processes

We are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes to ensure we deliver the highest standard of quality in our range of cars.

As part of this commitment, Peugeot’s new-generation global modular platform has a wealth of advantages, including advanced modularity, weight savings of at least 70 kg, high-performance technologies, enabling a 22% reduction in CO2 emissions and new possibilities for a diverse range of body styles. It also provides increased safety, driving pleasure and comfort.

The new EMP2 platform (short for Efficient Modular Platform 2) is expected to cover 50% of total production in the long term. The first Peugeot car to be built from this new platform is the all-new Peugeot 308.

The reason for the development of this new platform, in which Peugeot has invested nearly AUD $1 billion, is to develop cars that are more innovative, lighter and even safer. Customers will benefit with driving pleasure and comfort – with improved performance and handling along with reinforced quality, safety and reliability and finally with a smaller eco footprint with reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Testing plays a vital role in the development of any new car. Every car we produce undergoes a stringent testing regime in the development phase to maximise the level of durability and reliability.

For example, the all-new 308 underwent 4 million kilometres of test driving, along with 15,000 hours of endurance testing.


Peugeot is constantly improving its manufacturing processes to increase the level of quality on its cars.  Advanced manufacturing techniques such as laser welding, hydro forming and hot stamping are used.
As evidence of the increased attention to detail, the new 308’s inside surfaces have been treated with new anti-static agents so dust won’t build up, and materials have been developed to have maximum resistance to sunlight damage and scratching. Even the leather on the steering wheel has been applied in a new way so it retains its shape and quality. The 308’s paintwork features anti-scratch lacquer and the rear lights are made of new plastic so it is less likely to break in a rear impact, and if they do they are less likely to damage the surrounding bodywork.


To back up our confidence in the level of Peugeot quality, durability and reliability inherent in all our cars, we offer a comprehensive 3 year, 100,000km factory warranty.