peugeot safety

Peugeot, integrated safety

Peugeot asserts its commitment to make safety a key priority by devoting 10% of its Research & Development budget to road safety. All current Peugeot passenger cars sold in Australia have been crash-tested by Euro NCAP, an independent company that tests safety on European vehicles, obtained the maximum score of 5 stars.

Active safety, preventing accidents
Peugeot utilises innovative driving-assistance systems for braking and road-holding: ABS, blind spot prevention system, static intersection lighting, Distance Alert... on-board a Peugeot vehicle, everything is integrated to prevent and to avoid accidents.

Passive safety, protecting occupants
Peugeot prioritises the protection of occupants if there is a risk of accident from the very moment its vehicles are designed. By optimizing its restraint systems, airbags and seats and by improving vehicle structure, Peugeot provides real passive safety features in response to the event of accident.

Below are some of the safety features included on our models. Not all features listed here are included on every Peugeot model; please refer to our model showrooms and specification sheets to discover the safety features on specific models.

Driving Control

controlled speed

Controlled speed*

Peugeot equips its vehicles with "smart" options that allow you to control your speed and let you drive safely.

You can use the cruise control to maintain a constant speed without using your accelerator. As soon as you accelerate or brake, the system deactivates itself.

The speed limiter allows you to set a maximum, not-to-be-exceeded speed and triggers a visual and audible alarm if you go over this limit. Of course, you can disconnect this alarm any time you wish.

optimised vision

Optimised vision*

For enhanced driving comfort and for optimal safety, Peugeot's complex surface bi-xenon headlights triple the light output of a standard lamp and are particularly useful when negotiating bends.

In addition, the static swivelling lighting triggers itself with the indicator and lights up the inside of bends and the edges of intersections, even when the vehicle is stopped.

Blind spot monitoring warns the driver of any vehicle potentially in a driver's blind spot to aid safely changing lanes.

And last but not least, the Head-Up Display allows drivers to view all vehicle speed data without taking their eyes off the road.

Shock Protection

optimal protection

Optimal protection*

The driver's cab is a hub of technology that ensures driver and passenger's protection. A triple impact absorption structure in the front unit of the vehicle optimises shock absorption and disperses stored-up energy to areas that are designed to resist.

In addition to these structural performances, Peugeot offers up to 7 "smart" airbags in its vehicles. This ingeniousness can be seen especially in front airbags that inflate with variable intensity, depending on the violence of the impact.

To complete this safety system, all Peugeot vehicles are equipped with Isofix attachment points making child safety seat installation easier and safer. All the occupants of a Peugeot can travel with total peace of mind.

Equipped for any situation

for better safety

For better safety*

Constantly striving for exemplary driving behaviour, Peugeot equips its vehicles with an across-the-board safety system.

  • The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) prevents wheels from locking when braking in an emergency.
  • The EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) optimizes the vehicle's stopping distance by distributing the brake pressure over the 4 wheels.
  • The EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) intensifies brake pressure in the event of sharp braking.
  • The ESP (Electronic Stability Program), along with the help of an ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) ensures that the vehicle has maximum road-holding and stability when negotiating bends – intuitively counteracting understeer or oversteer.

And last but not least, Peugeot's Distance Alert function warns the driver when another vehicle approaches, through the Head-Up Display.

*Features listed here may be optional or not available on certain models. Please refer to the model showroom and/or features and specifications sheet for specific safety features on each of our models.